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Editors are responsible for checking facts, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. They are also responsible for ensuring that an article corresponds with in-house style guides and feels polished and refined when done. There are also times when editors need to cut out content that doesn't fit in with the story, and guide the attention towards the areas that the reading audience should focus on.

When it comes to books, an editor is seen as a gatekeeper between the author and the audience. An editor has to take a dual sided point of view in order to keep both parties happy. Authors know their stories inside and out, and have had a strong personal relationship with their manuscript for months or sometimes years. Audiences, on the other hand, have no emotional attachment to books that they have not read yet and are quick to judge any novel that they pick up to read.

An editor needs to edit a manuscript while considering both points of view. The manuscript may need changes that will keep the audience pulled in and interested for the length of the novel. However, any changes that are made must feel like the author's authentic voice in order to keep the author happy with the new and improved manuscript.

Editors are responsible for a range of functions in a publishing house and many phases of editing need to take place before a book is ready to be published. When people hear the word “editor” they usually imagine someone who spell checks and is a stickler for grammar. While this is true to some extent, a lot more goes into editing a manuscript than just that. Before and after a manuscript is picked for publication, there are many alterations and decisions that need to be made.

Kindly adhere to the below following instructions while collecting the book chapter articles

  • Topic title (Palatino Linotype Font 12 CAPS BOLD)

  • Authors Names (Palatino Linotype Font 12 CAPS BOLD)

  • Headings and Sub Headings (Palatino Linotype Font 10.5 CAPS BOLD)

  • Affiliation as shown below (Palatino Linotype Font 10 No CAPS No Bold)

    1Department of Botany, Matoshri Subhadrabai Patil Arts, Science and Late Pandurang Thakare Commerce College, Manora, Dist. Washim- 444404 (M.S) India.

    2Post-Graduate Department of Botany, SSVPS’s, L. K. Dr. P. R. Ghogrey Science College, Dhule-424001 (M.S.) India.

    *Corresponding Authors: D. A. Dhale, Email:

  • Abstract – Mandatory ( Restrict to 250 to 300 Words)

  • Introduction - Mandatory

  • Content can be written with sub headings

  • Tables and Figures in format (Fig. 1: Text. | Table 1. Text. | Scheme 1. Text.)

  • Tables and Figures content enter one line spacing after them.

  • Methods - (If research works done or not mandatory)

  • Results and discussion (If research works done or not mandatory)

  • Conclusion - not mandatory but can be written

  • References in APA style – Mandatory

  • Grammar check must

  • Proper meaningful sentences mandatory

  • Plagiarism should below 15%

  • Maximum words 2800 words including references i.e. 9 - 12 pages,

  • Font: Times: Palatino Linotype 10.5, Line spacing: 1.0.

  • Publication processing charges + one hard copy = Rs 1050/- per corresponding author or whoever pays for the chapter

  • Extra hard copy of book will be charged Rs 1050/- if any co-author requires it.

  • The book chapter articles will not be accepted if the above criteria is not met.

  • For SCIENG book chapter format kindly mail us @

  • So kindly requesting everyone to adhere to the instructions and format while submission of the articles.

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